Future of the RG Non Profit Productions

Future of Our Independent Non Profit Productions

Currently as a non-profit production studio, we understand the importance of slow and steady growth. Our goal has always been to provide high-quality content and we believe that this can only be achieved by investing in the right equipment. 

We are proud to say that our entire journey so far has been self-funded and we have been using our own resources to upgrade our gear.

Our journey started back in 2011 when we were using a simple AMD Sempron computer with 2GB of RAM and an AMD HD3200 integrated GPU. Over the years, we have upgraded this computer to a more powerful machine, which included an AMD Phenom II 1090T CPU and a R9 280x GPU.

We have continued to upgrade our equipment, with the latest addition being a Workstation HP Z620 with a 6-Core & 12 Thread CPU, 16GB of RAM and a W5100 AMD Firepro Graphics card.

As we continue to grow, we are committed to expanding our production capacity and providing the best possible experience for our audience.

We believe that by investing in the right equipment and staying up-to-date with the latest technologies, we can achieve our goal of providing high-quality content for our viewers.

We are excited to continue our journey and look forward to sharing our experiences with you as we grow and expand our production capabilities. We believe that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.

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