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Remnants of the Past World

At the brink of human existence during post-atomic age, nomad fighting his everyday battles for survival in wasteland, meets an unexpected guest during hunt. 

Remnants of the Past World is a Web-Series independently produced by Reel Goldstar. Directed and Produced by Anto Markunović. 

Starring Stjepan Markunović, Ivan Matijanić and Antonio Bilic. Radio broadcast was performed by Marin Kolenda and Soundtrack by Stjepan Markunović.

Audio mix and mastering was done by Samir Brakmić. Visual Effects and Editing was done by Anto Markunović. Visit our Youtube Channel for more Content.

Remnants of the Past World

Fighting a plague of biblical proportions and ultimately devastated by the nuclear fire that engulfed the entire world, a handful of survivors fight for life, and although death seems to be a milder punishment for their daily lives, the story of humanity is still not over.

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Photo of the band Bunar LifT

Bunar LifT

Bunar Lift are a 2-piece band from Travnik, based in Graz. Founded in winter of 2021, consist of childhood friends who grew up in dark Post-War Bosnia & Herzegovina and there created their musical expression.

Standing as mixture of 80’s synth music to alternative modern sound. Their unique brand of entertainment fuses a rhythm machine, analog synths and powerful guitars with lyrics mainly focused on ordinary people in a big cruel world.

The band is comprised of Stjepan Markunovic who sings and plays keyboards with a voice in baritone scale and Matej Martinovic on guitars, rhythm machine and vocals in tenor scale.

First band release was a soundtrack for the Web-Series “Remnants Of The Past World” directed by Anto Markunovic. Soon after in June of 2022, the band released their first EP called “DEMO”.

Bunar Lift does not want to stay “trapped” in one genre of music, but rather wants to explore everything the music itself has to offer. As told by band members: “We want to be explorers, austronauts of the musical universe!”


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