REEL GOLDSTAR’S Spotlight Program

Reel Goldstar Spotlight offers a unique way  to recieve the content quality with marketing experience your brand deserves. 
With 4 exciting options to help you on your path to develop your brand, our Spotlight Program is definitely made to step up your content game.


How this  works is, after making a 30 minute talk session, you will recieve our offer email outlining your journey with Reel Goldstar.Included are content plan and marketing competition analysis. Upon signing a deal, you will recieve an invoice  to pay the first monthly rate of  the program.
This varies accordingly to the program you selected.


At first tier we offer a “Silver Lined” program including a 1 hour session of photo & video (included in the price), 2 posting schedules and analytics at the end of the month as well as progress monitoring and basic optimization of content & marketing strategy.

Second tier is “Golden Standard” where we include single session 2 hour of photo & video shoot but boost the posting schedule up  to 4 times. With our advanced optimization, analytics and progress monitoring we’re able to optimize our offer as well as expand your audience.

Platinum Package is considered one of our basic-premium tiers, where we offer 6 content shoots (per year) each lasting up to 1 hour, 12 posting schedules, premium optimization of your content, as well as analytics and progress monitoring. 

Premium Tier is where Reel Goldstar goes above and beyond with our offer. With 8 exciting shooting intervals (per year) each lasting up to 2 hours, professional optimization of your content, delivery with a carefully crafted content plan, we’re able to push your brand above and beyond. 



Note: All our tiers are shot on a Panasonic G Series 4K & 6K Cameras, processed up to the latest delivery specification on a optimized workstations. Using gear such as tripods, gimbals and stabilizers we’re able to offer you the smoothest motion for all your shots and with our extensive lighting sets we can craft a beautiful cinematic image, stepping up to the spotlight. 


Stand out, with out Visionary Spotlight program, and give your brand  the treatment it truly deserves.


Download the Spotlight Program PDF to find out how you can benefit.


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