BunarLift: Reel Goldstar’s unique offer helped us develop our album and attract the needed audience. Truly a groundbreaking offer, we expected a single video, but our feed was full for almost 4 months. Reels, animated graphics, photos and a music video. Anto was truly a great videographer & photographer and really easy to work with!

Stjepan Markunovic: As an actor and music producer, over the years I’ve had many cooperations, but none have impressed me as much as Reel Goldstar. Their approach to film production is truly unique, and it has allowed me to stretch my creative abilities in ways I never thought possible!

Matej Martinovic: When I was approached by Reel Goldstar to make a website for them I was thrilled. I had previously worked on other creative endeavours and I fell in love with the process of bringing a project to life from scratch. I felt this to be a perfect opportunity to work on a project that combines my passion for storytelling and creative expression.

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